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Here are the abbreviations we use.

(FK female kestrel)    (MK male kestrel)    (H.M.K.T. heavy metal kestrel tree)    ( K-2 kestrel 2 tree)

March 25/2017   9:40am. We have our 1st. sighting of the  Female Kestrel at our H.M.K.T. box.

March 30/2017 Lots of action from previous date. MK & FK have been checking out both our nest boxes. Copulation has  happened many times. Added action another pair of Kestrels invaded the area and there was some entertaining Arial displays.  Which nest box will they choose ??

April 4/2017 There has been lots of action since last report. 2 FK.ís have been battling it out for the attention of our male. Several copulationís have been noted. MK. has been sleeping the night in 1 of our 2 nest boxes.

April 6/2017 The foreign FK. has been around briefly, but our mom keeps chasing her away. We suspect another pair may be in the area in another nest site ?? MK & FK have been both in our H.M.K.T. nest box frequently doing a scrape Or the nesting dance as we call it.  MK. has slept in the K2 nest box every night. Last year first egg was May 7/2016. When will we see our first egg????

April 10/2017 Again the intruder FK. is still in the area. Our Fk. still chasing her away. MK. is sleeping in the K-2 nest box every night. We have had some cooler temperatures. Courtship is continuing.  Awaiting first egg. Below a temporary live feed, click the link. Live stream will be on this page when first egg is laid.

April 18/2017 Things are changing since last report. Intruder Fk. still in area. Copulation is longer and frequent. MK. sleeping in K-2 nest box every night. FK sleeping in H.M.K.T. box every night. On April 16 both MK. and FK. stayed the night in H.M.K.T. nest box. FK. spending more time in H.M.K.T. nest box during the daylight hours. A few battles with wood ducks who are interested in the 2 nest boxes. Patiently waiting for that 1st egg.

FLASH REPORT !!  1st. egg has been laid. April 18/2017 approximately 8:45am CST. This has been the shortest period from first sighting and first egg 24 days.

April 20/2017 2nd egg is laid, we did not notice it until 4:27pm. So far all is well.

April 22/2017 3rd. egg is laid, approximately 1:30 pm.

April 24/2017 4th egg has been laid, approximately 3:07pm. CST. Again snow hits us, a little getting into nest box.

April 30.2017 This is the 6th day from when the 4th egg was laid. Still only 4 eggs. Incubation appears to have started. Hatching should occur in around 27 to 31 days.